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Title: Professor Reiter's comments about my book "50 AMC Lectures "
Post by: Administrator on October 05, 2015, 12:47:12 PM
I love this book!  I love the style, the selection of topics and the choice of problems to illustrate the ideas discussed.  The topics are typical contest problem topics: divisors, absolute value, radical expressions, Veita’s Theorem, squares, divisibility, lots of geometry, and some trigonometry.  And the problems are delicious.

Although the book is intended for high school students aiming to do well in national and state math contests like the American Mathematics Competitions, the problems are accessible to very strong middle school students.
The book is well-suited for the teacher-coach interested in sets of problems on a given topic. Each section begins with several substantial solved examples followed by a varied list of problems ranging from easily accessible to very challenging. Solutions are provided for all the problems.  In many cases, several solutions are provided.
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