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« on: January 07, 2021, 10:48:21 PM »

2021 Spring  AMC 8/Mathcounts I Training Program
Textbook: AMC 8 Preparation

Cost: $780 per person ($700 per person for returning students)
(Textbook not included. Class notes, homework, solutions to homework, and class YouTube videos records will be posted)

Method 0:
Using the link below to pay (if you decide to withdraw later, the money refunded to you will be less the fee amount charged by PayPal):

Method 1 : using Zelle from your bank(free, safe, and fast payment from your bank account)

Pay to
Guiling Chen

Please email after your registration .

Method 2:  Using Paypal send money to friend option to

(Using the link on left and do not put your mailing address)。

You must select "send money to friend" option or you need to pay an additional service fee of $30 charged by Paypal.

You need to have money in your PayPal account or your PayPal account is connected to your bank accounts)

This class will be given online by ZOOM and YouTube. Please please  download the following program:  Thanks.

In each lesson, we will have a lecture about the basic knowledge/skills with plenty of examples, mainly following our books "AMC 8 Preparation". We will provide around 20 practice problems after each lesson as homework. Students can post any questions they may have on our discussion forum for this program.

Draft Schedules

from 2/8/2021 to 5/5/2021
Twice a week (one hour)  every Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern Time)
2/8/2021   1. Perimeter and areas 
2/10/2021   2. Divisibility                                               
2/15/2021   3. Operations with fractions
2/17/2021   4. Logical reasoning                             
2/22/2021   5 Solving equations     
2/24/2021   6 Angles and triangles
3/01/2021   7. Volumes   
3/03/2021   8. Ratio, rate and proportion
3/08/2021   9. Counting techniques                       
3/10/2021   10. Sets and Venn diagram                       
3/15/2021   11.  Pythagorean Theorem and triangles                 
3/17/2021   12. Operations with decimals     (YouTube only)                   
3/22/2021   13.  Factors   
3/24/2021   14. Circles
3/29/2021   15. Prime numbers                     
3/31/2021   16. Even and odd  (YouTube only. Happy Holiday!)                         
4/05/2021   17. Least common multiple and greatest common factor
4/07/2021   18. Patterns   
4/12/2021   19. Similar triangles
4/14/2021   20. Remainder
4/19/2021   21. Sequences and series                           
4/21/2021   22. Functions
4/26/2021   23. Word problems related to percent                 
4/28/2021   24. Probability
5/03/2021   25. Consecutive integers                     
5/05/2021   26. Trapezoids

Note: this is a draft schedule. The class may be cancelled if no enough students registration.
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